AIREXE is new modern crypto-fiat currency exchange. We bring the new cryptocurrency exchange, which we are sure you will love.

AIREXE focused on ensuring the increased security of clients' funds, providing live responsive customer support, high availability and accessibility. AIREXE will strictly follow and comply with government regulations, licensing requirements, taxation and will operate completely legally. Our target is to be most convenient exchange for the beginners and for professional traders by providing both functionalities - professional with all the features available, and simplified, for those who is novice in cryptocurrency and trading. We refer automated trading platforms to help the inexperienced to trade like a pro. Visit Aktienboard.com for more details.

Buy AIRX tokens and get lots of benefits at AIREXE exchange.

Problems & Solutions

1. Security
2. Compliance
3. Customer Support
4. Broad Liquidity
5. Simplicity
6. Transparency
7. Mobility
Highest security measures
Lack or weak cooperation with governments and regulators .
Good customer service Good customer service
New coins addition Coin Coin Coin
Simply interface
Transparency of project ownership
Mobile friendly Mobile friendly Mobile friendly
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Problem: Security of customers’ funds

AIREXE: The highest security measures

The most important task for an exchange is to secure its clients’ funds so that under no circumstances it could be lost, or stolen. Many stories tell us about crypto assets that were stolen from exchanges, and the situations like this lead to bankruptcy and closure of the exchanges. This also leads to the loss of clients’ funds and assets, and it all happens due to exchanges’ insufficient measures to ensure the safety of funds. Other type of security issues is related to clients’ authentication processes and currency withdrawal processes.

Problem: No cooperation with regulators

AIREXE: Compliance with the regulators

Let's be honest – financial regulators and governments will not let cryptocurrency world play games on its own. Governments have to regulate financial markets, including cryptocurrency market. Collaboration with regulators is vitally important. Applying KYC, AML and CTF processes, following regulators’ directives, as well as having roundtables with them is a must. Market regulation is aimed to eradicate scams, frauds and criminal activities. A company can have the latest technology and the most secure software, however, if a company doesn’t comply with the regulators, it’s vulnerable to regulatory risk, and it carries such risk to all of its clients. Many examples of regulatory risks were present in cases (BTCe, BitConnect, MtGox,...), when exchanges were closed or their activities were halted due to the compliance reasons.

Problem: Terrible Customer Support

AIREXE: Responsive 24/7 Customer Service

The vast majority of exchanges are notably lacking of proper customer support service. Issues and problems occur and happen in real life, in real time. It is very important to provide fast response to any customer request and solve their issues in a timely manner. The current customer support service provided by the majority of the exchanges is often very slow and hardly responsive, or even absent.

Problem: Long period waiting new coins, tokens

AIREXE: Integration with new blockchains, coins, tokens

Exchanges are made to trade. If some cryptocurrency or tokens are missing on exchange, people will use another exchange to trade. Sometimes customers ask exchanges to add new trading pairs of new famous coins or tokens, but exchanges ignore. It leads to customer dissatisfaction and eventually the loss of business.

Problem: Lack of simplicity

AIREXE: Fast start and tutorials for newbies traders

We’ve completed our own survey among potential clients, who don't trade cryptocurrency at this moment, but would like to start doing it. The results show that so called “newbies” are in need of simplified customer interface and walk-through tutorials, which could explain the process of entering the market. Of course, for experienced traders exchanges must provide fully-fledged interfaces and trading functionalities. For those completely new to Crytocurrency trading, one option we provide is to investigate and look to automated trading robots based on algorithms. There are many of these in the marketplace with differing success rates so we suggest you read The News Spy blog for reviews and see which matches your aspirations.

Alternatively, those beginners who would prefer to skip any investment, however small, for now and do more research on Blockchain, Bitcoin and the Wider Cryptocurrency sphere there are many avenues online to utlise.

Problem: Transparency of ownerships

AIREXE: Transparency of the project ownership

Some of the exchanges have rapidly gain popularity, however, they were setup for completely different purposes, very often illegal. Often, the ownership of the exchanges is not transparent and is hidden through elaborately structured offshore companies, which provide no guarantee or security to the customers. This leads to a high regulatory or even criminal risk to the customers of the exchange, which eventually could lead to the loss of assets or disruption of provided services. We are witnessing that regulators and law enforcement authorities from different countries have put a lot of work and pressure on such enterprises, by arresting alleged owners and closing down the exchanges.

Problem: Lack of mobility

AIREXE: Attention to mobile users, a truly device-neutral exchange

In the 21st century, people rely on their smartphones and tablets more than on their desktop devices. Especially in relation to cryptocurrency, when trading never stops and one has to have an access to the exchange and one’s account 24/7, and often on the go. However, most of the exchanges do not provide this essential feature to their customers. Furthermore, non-professional traders, who are eager to enter a new market, complain about the absence of mobile versions of some exchanges. We believe that customer must have an instant access to its account or exchange with any device that he/she prefers, a truly device neutral exchange.


Want to know more about AIREXE? Read our documents with all details provided

Use of AIRX Tokens

AIREXE.io issuing AIRX tokens during its crowd-funding ICO.
Once AIREXE crypto-fiat exchange has launched its operations, the AIRX token will be traded on exchange from the day one.
The following ways of AIRX utilization guaranteed by AIREXE:

AIREXE exchange will accept trading fee in AIRX

Paying trading fee in AIRX tokens will be significantly cheaper than in other cryptocurrency.

Trading Fees

Purchase time for total 0%-fee trading at AIREXE

Purchase a zero commission period for your needs – one week, one month, three months or more. Save on day trading commissions by purchasing commission free period with AIRX tokens.

Zero Fee Trading

Use AIRX to access advanced and Professional functionality

For large or professional traders AIREXE will have advanced Professional functionality. Access to this functionality will be provided for additional fees. The best way is to pay with AIRX tokens for Pro functionality, as it will be much cheaper than paying in any other cryptocurrency.

Professional Functions

Payment for listing at AIREXE

Projects - ICOs, ITOs, TGEs, TAOs or cryptocurrency blockchains and forks can pay AIRX for listing of its tokens and coins. Projects paid AIRX for listings will be (a) taken into high priority for listing request processing and (b) assigned personal manager to proceed with listing process and supporting listing afterwards.

Get listed at AIREXE

Payment to access advanced Projects Rating Agency function

Purchase our research on listed cryptocurrencies or on the project that is conducting cryptocurrency fundraising. The research would be based on the fundamental indicators of the company and combine methodologies from classic rating agencies (Fitch, Moody’s, S&P) and crypto community activities.

Rating Agency

Sell AIRX tokens at exchange

Sell and buy AIRX tokens at exchange.

Sell/Buy at Exchanges


Market study, surveys, practical experience gathering. Researches and analysis of problem solution methods

Q3-4 2017

AIREXE Tokenized Assets Offering (ICO) crowdfunding. Sale of AIRX tokens. Pre-Registration and PreVerification at exchange

Q1 2018

AIREXE exchange development. Collaboration with regulators and financial institutions. Obtaining licenses, connection to financial institutions

Q2-3 2018

AIREXE exchange launching, trading for pre-registered users. AIREXE trading launching for new users. Launch of the mobile application

Q4 2018 – Q1 2019

Expanding AIREXE geographical coverage and collaboration with regulators in more jurisdictions. Implementation of PSD2 in EU and adopting similar in other regions and opening, launching payment service provider line of business. Launching Rating Agency analytical portal and reporting service

Q1-4 2019

Cross-countries mobile payments provider. Integration of several mobile/blockchain providers for unified payment processing. Rating Agency business expansion

Q1-4 2020

Buy AIRX tokens

You can buy tokens with ETH, or, optionally, with some other cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, BCH or ETC).
See Buy AIRX Tokens page for prices and all details how to buy

The Team

This is AIREXE committed project Core Team. The AIREXE project team consists of total 25 people for the development, launching and operation.
Additional team members will be hired for the customer support and some other parts of the project.
AIREXE will use several professional subcontractor companies for some types of works and services (as for security services and audit, smart contract and blockchain audits, optimization, etc).

Sergey Zubkov
General management

Professional manager. CEO and CxO at several large telecom and IT companies. Successfully launched 3 startup telecom mobile operations. Roots from software development and IT. Active follower of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.
Professional experience: 24 years

Alexey Kuzmin
Software development head

Management of large software development, deployment and implementation projects for several large companies, including billing and CRM systems, Olympic Games live IT solutions, transport logistics and other. Deep knowledge and experience in software development.
Professional experience: 15 years

Aleksey Gordienko
International business development

Great experience in finance management, stocks trading, real estate and telecoms. A success-driven businessman with an entrepreneurial mindset, has ample experience in start-ups, joint ventures and launching new businesses.
Professional experience: 13 years

Alex Xu
Crypto-assets trading expertize

10+ years working in the Fortune 500 global companies, 5+ years experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency investments.
Professional experience: 12 years

Alex Belko
Front-End Developer

Web front-end development guru. Professional knowledge of several development frameworks and languages. Participated as senior web front-end developer in projects of several very various types.
Professional experience: 8 years

Ivan Lisenkov
Risk management and trading expertise

Professional in risk assessment, management, mitigation. Deep experience in analytics for stock markets and classic exchanges. Fluency in rating and scoring methodologies. Large number of projects were executed for major banks and financial institutions.
Professional experience: 21 years

Artem Marko
Content management

Content management for several projects. Experience in social media content management and promotions. Good experience in testing and quality assurance for software projects.
Professional experience: 6 years

Vladislav Kirilenok
Web Front-End

Professional development of responsive web front end. Rich usage of JS, CSS and other techniques at mastery level. Developed plenty of websites, including design, layout, animations, programming.
Professional experience: 5 years

AIREXE Advisors

Krzysztof Kluszczynski
Software architecture design

CEO at Blunovation LLC
Professional experience: 24 years

Valery Matulenko
Governments, Regulators and Licensors relations

Board of Directors, International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB), President of Latvian Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Union
Professional experience: 15 years

Oleg Micewicz
Building high-load solutions and databases for large systems

Head of Information Infrastructure group
Professional experience: 20 years

Aleksey Dyatlov
Infrastructure and high-load software solutions

Head of software infrastructure
Professional experience: 23 years

Alexey Stankus
IT Security Expert

CEO at Forge8 LLC. Winner of Skolkovo Cyber Security challenge 2015
Professional experience: 18 years

Andrey Zolin
Smart Contracts and Blockchain development

Solidity and smart contracts expert, enterprise developments, more than 10 ICO technical part preparation

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